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Nick Hexum

“LA Sound Panels did a great job for me. I was setting up a studio in my home. It was a room with knotty pine-type paneling. The acoustics were not good. Carolyn and Mike came in and tuned up the room real nice. They made and installed panels that were aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced. I was impressed by their use of high tech equipment as well as critical listening. My recordings sounded great after that! Thanks!”

Brian Carter

“Our editing suite needed some serious treatment to take care of echo and bass buildup. I contacted LA Sound Panels through their website and 3 days later the panels were delivered and installed. It made a tremendous difference. I’ve recommended LA Sound Panels to multiple people because I know they take pride in their work and deliver when they say they will.”

Vassil Pertchinkov

“I’m a restaurant owner and opened my restaurant over a year ago. We were getting a lot of complaints about the noise level and many customers were not returning because it was too loud.
I did a little research and got in contact with LA Sound Panels. I met Mike at the restaurant, on a busy night, so he could evaluate the problem. The quote came a few days later and was the best quote (by a big margin) that I got out of three. You have to love that!
Just few weeks later, the panels were installed and the noise level dropped by a good 50%. Additionally, the ceiling looks better than before; The panels add to the design of the restaurant. Now I have nice, quiet restaurant!”

Ronan Chris Murphy

“‘The Lab’ at Recording Boot Camp goes from teaching facility to screening room to writing room to B-room for the commercial studio clients, so we needed an acoustic solution that would help improve the sonics of the space in many different configurations. After a consultation with LA Sound Panels, we found a combination of stock panels as well as a few custom pieces that gave us the sound and flexibility we were looking for.”

Home Theater Client

“Thanks again for the panels – they are awesome! My kids came home and they love them! The room now looks like a “movie room!” So, thank you and your team again! I really appreciate you guys putting in the time, effort and detail to get the best measurements and detailed prints possible.”

McKay Garner

“LA Sound Panels builds very solid wood-framed panels that work excellent for getting your studio monitoring or tracking environment sounding great. I can’t believe how great the prices are for the quality they provide! If you need to tame some tricky peaks or reflections in your room and don’t want to break the bank, call these guys. I helped a client put together a new studio and LA Sound Panels knocked it out in style and within budget.”

Joe Trapanese

“LA Sound Panels are a perfect solution: high quality, reasonable price, reliable service, and easy interaction. Couldn’t be more happy with the results.”

David Levy

“Mike at LA Sound panels was extremely helpful in building our gobos in a time crunch. They look beautiful and serve the purpose perfectly.”

Allen Hessler

“LA Sound Panels are a must have for anyone serious about making great sounding records. Upon installation, I immediately noticed an improvement in the clarity of my mixing environment. I have found it takes me less time to create a mix that will translate in other environments. I also really like the look of the fabric, much more aesthetically pleasing than foam pyramids.”

Adam Messinger & Nasri (aka “The Messengers”)

“We’re so thankful we were introduced to Mike Lizarraga and LA Sound Panels! We have now used them multiple times for different control rooms and iso booths. Each time they delivered top notch professional service, and really accommodated to our taste and budget. You simply won’t find a better solution to take control of your recording studio’s acoustics!!”

Jim Roach

“L.A. Sound Panels have helped me get my new studio facility sounding amazing – mostly with their stock paneling! The iso booths are now a cozy singing environment for my artists and my live room has been tamed down to a perfect reflection thanks to their panels. Great prices, TOP notch service, great selection of colors, and the coolest guys in L.A.”

Janice Hickey

“We are incredibly thrilled at the efficacy of the sound panels in what was previous an echo chamber of a science lab. The noise was so thunderous teaching was next to impossible. One phone call and several hours of installation and voila! Problem solved. I encourage anyone suffering from echo or cacophony to pick up and phone and let LA Sound Panels solve your problem.”

Kevin Seaton

“LA Sound Panels has been a go to solution for our studio treatment needs. Quality products, affordable pricing and always a pleasure to deal with. We’ve had them do 3 rooms for us and will be coming back for more. Keep up the good work!”

Edouard Brenneisen

“I have outfitted my new studio with L.A. Sound Panels acoustic treatment, and couldn’t be happier. The panels look great, “sound” great, and were built fast… and they’re cheap, too! Mike and Andres came to install them and did a very clean job.”

Jason Bruns

“L.A. Sound Panels put the finishing acoustic touches in the recording studio at Campbell Hall’s new state-of-the-art Arts & Education Center as well as helped to make our multi-purposed theater space usable for a variety of acoustic needs from Rock Concerts, to Theater Productions, to Faculty Meetings. Your team is efficient, reliable, and friendly. THANK YOU!”

Richie Ramone

“LA Sound Panels Rocks! High quality, great price and world class customer service . . . When it comes to room treatment in my studio, LA Sound Panels is my only call. Peace…”

Jeremy Dawson

“LA sound panels have been a part of our studios for several years now. It’s a relief to know I can pick up the phone, order 10 panels and they are ready the next day.”

Kristo Panos

“I searched everywhere for acoustic treatment for my studio. I found L.A. Sound Panels online and made a call to meet at their factory. Carolyn helped me tune my room by watching and listening to a couple of videos I recorded of the environment. Totally satisfied with this company and it’s product. Best in the business hands down.”

Risa Bramon Garcia

“LA Sound Panels is the place to go for both quality work and excellent service. Mike is smart, care taking, and works with you to find the right fit. He’s fast, reasonably priced, and efficient. And they work really well! We were thrilled with LA Sound Panels and can’t imagine ever working with anyone else.”

Andrew Holscher

“Noctem Audio started out as a digital record label for electronic dance music but has recently started offering recording, mixing, and mastering services. We needed to find an affordable, yet effective way to treat our studio room and LA Sound Panels offered just that! The customer service representative, Carolyn, was extremely helpful and friendly and directed us through the process. After picking up the panels locally and installing them in the studio, we were amazed at how sleek and nice the panels looked. We ordered 5 of their Full-Tone Acoustic Panels with stands and couldn’t be happier with the quality! Noctem Audio will definitely be a long term customer at LA Sound Panels and look forward to ordering more treatment in the future.”

Jeff Abercrombie

“LA Sound Panels has provided great service to many of our clients at Thud Studios. The staff at L.A. Sound Panels were very knowledgeable and helpful with regard to treating our rooms. They offered a quick turnaround time in custom building and installing the panels not to mention the price was very reasonable. I couldn’t have been more happy with these guys and I like them so much I added their link to my website.”

Production /Songwriting Team “The Pharmacy”

“There’s no better value than LA Sound Panels. Hand crafted construction at a fantastic price.”

Zane Fischer

“With LA Sound Panels on the walls of my studio I have an outstanding recording and mixing environment. The panels have most definitely contributed to the great tone, punch and warmth of my mixes!”

Sukesh Jakharia

“We recently built a new office and two of our conference rooms were not usable because of the echo. We contacted LA Sound Panels and they came to our office to look at the rooms and explained to us how the sound panels worked and what we needed to improve the sound in the conference rooms. The LA Sound Panels team was very professional, courteous and timely. They arrived on time and installed them fast without leaving a mess. If you want quality and a reliable company, we highly recommend LA Sound Panels for your needs.”