Mounting & Placement

Maximize the impact of your sound panels.

Sound doesn't travel in straight lines. It bounces off walls, ceilings, and floors, creating echoes and distortions that can muddle the clarity and richness of your audio. This can make professional mixing a challenge or, in non-music spaces, create a less comfortable environment for your employees and customers.

Of course, every space is unique. If you're even unsure about what will create the best experience in your space, we offer consultingdesign, and installation services to help you at any step in the process. We're here to help you optimize your space for the best possible sound, guiding you through the process to ensure your acoustic environment elevates your experience. Let us assist you in achieving acoustic perfection.

Panel Placement

2" Acoustic Panels

Install these at the first and second reflection points in your room to absorb indirect sound. You can also use these panels as "clouds" to reduce ceiling reflections. Ideal for spaces that need echo reduction, and even more effective when installed with a gap off the wall.

6" Lo-Tone Corner Fit Bass Traps

Designed to absorb low frequencies under 250 Hz, these traps are perfect for corners where two walls meet or at the junction of a wall and ceiling or floor. Install them horizontally or vertically as needed.

Mounting Options

The diagrams below demonstrate different options for mounting panels.