PolySonic Acoustic Panels

Sustainable materials meet premium sound control.

Elevate your audio experience with our PolySonic Acoustic Panels. These panels are specifically designed to provide superior sound absorption across a broad frequency range, effectively mitigating unwanted noise and improving overall sound quality. Crafted from 60% PET-recycled fiber and 40% PET virgin fiber, these panels embody our commitment to environmental sustainability and acoustic excellence. Available in various colors, PolySonic Acoustic Panels offer an ideal blend of versatility, durability, and acoustic performance. They can harmonize with the overall design of any space, be it an office, classroom, or performance space, providing a balanced and comfortable sound experience.

Broad Frequency Absorption

These panels are designed to provide superior sound absorption across a wide frequency range, making them ideal for diverse audio environments.

Sustainable Materials

Made from a mixture of recycled and virgin PET fiber, these panels align with sustainable practices.

Versatile Design

Available in multiple colors, these panels can be tailored to suit the aesthetic design of various spaces, from offices and classrooms to performance spaces.

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