About LA Sound Panels

Born from experience, built on excellence.

Founded in 2015, LA Sound Panels is committed to enhancing your acoustic experience with personalized and professional solutions. Our journey began when our founder, Mike Lizarraga, couldn't find an effective and affordable way to manage the reverberation in his studio. Turning necessity into invention, he created his own acoustic panels, which marked the birth of LA Sound Panels.

We specialize in a wide array of acoustic panels, each designed to improve the sound quality of your space. Whether you're looking to treat corners, ceilings, or walls, we have custom solutions that will fit your unique needs. From California, Arizona, and Texas to locations worldwide, we've established a trusted reputation for delivering quality at an affordable price.

Our founder, Mike Lizarraga, wears many hats: he's a business owner, an inventor, and a musician. He developed the Beatbelt, a groundbreaking accessory that secures the bass drum in place during concerts, solving a significant issue for drummers. You can learn more at www.beat-belt.com.

Besides being an inventor, Mike also plays with Ard Eevin, a local Los Angeles band. You can listen to their music at www.aeband.com.

You reap the rewards.

At LA Sound Panels, we provide more than sound panels and acoustic solutions. We're a team dedicated to providing you with the best sound for your space. We're here to guide you to your acoustic perfection.