Personalized Acoustic Consultations for Optimal Sound Solutions

Our consultation service is the first crucial step in creating your ideal sound environment. Our experts will closely collaborate with you to fully understand your specific needs and expectations, taking a deep dive into assessing the current acoustics of your space and identifying potential areas for improvement. We meticulously consider a variety of factors, such as the room size, the materials used in construction, and its intended use. This comprehensive approach allows us to provide you with a tailored, effective acoustic solution that addresses your unique challenges and enhances the sound quality in your space.

Tailored Sound Solutions

Our consultation service offers personalized advice, ensuring the acoustic solutions we provide are perfectly suited to your specific needs and challenges. We consider a multitude of factors, from room size and construction materials to intended use, to deliver the best possible outcome.

Expert Guidance

With our team of experienced acoustic professionals, you can trust that the advice you receive is based on extensive knowledge and understanding of acoustics. We guide you through the process, providing insights that enable you to make informed decisions.

Strong Foundation

The consultation forms the basis for all subsequent steps in your acoustic improvement journey. By thoroughly understanding your space and needs, we can design, deliver, and install effective solutions that dramatically enhance your sound environment.
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Hear what our customers have to say about our Consultation services.

“I’m a restaurant owner and opened my restaurant over a year ago. We were getting a lot of complaints about the noise level and many customers were not returning because it was too loud. I did a little research and got in contact with LA Sound Panels. I met Mike at the restaurant, on a busy night, so he could evaluate the problem. The quote came a few days later and was the best quote (by a big margin) that I got out of three. You have to love that! Just few weeks later, the panels were installed and the noise level dropped by a good 50%. Additionally, the ceiling looks better than before; The panels add to the design of the restaurant. Now I have nice, quiet restaurant!”

Vassil Pertchinkov
Owner, V's Restaurant + Bar, Malibu

“‘The Lab’ at Recording Boot Camp goes from teaching facility to screening room to writing room to B-room for the commercial studio clients, so we needed an acoustic solution that would help improve the sonics of the space in many different configurations. After a consultation with LA Sound Panels, we found a combination of stock panels as well as a few custom pieces that gave us the sound and flexibility we were looking for.”

Ronan Chris Murphy
Recording Bootcamp
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