Skyline Diffusers

Sound dispersion with a unique, professional look.

Enhance your studio environment with our Skyline Diffusers. Custom milled from Douglas Fir, these diffusers embody a clean, professional look that aligns with the classic BBC formula for diffusers. Easy to mount and highly effective, Skyline Diffusers are designed to disperse sound energy in multiple directions, creating a more natural and balanced sound field. They are important additions to any studio environment, contributing to an optimal and well-rounded acoustic experience.

Professional Look

These diffusers, milled from Douglas Fir, present a clean, professional look, making them a stylish addition to your studio.

Balanced Sound Field

Skyline Diffusers scatter sound energy in various directions, contributing to a natural and balanced sound experience.

Easy Installation

These diffusers are easy to mount, allowing for quick and straightforward installation in your studio.

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Available Products

24″ x 24″ Skyline Diffuser

Starting at $325

Available Options

Raw Wood

Based on the classic BBC formula, our Skyline Diffusers are custom milled from Douglas Fir for a clean, professional look.  Easy to mount and highly effective, Skyline Diffusers are important additions to any studio environment.

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