Sound Panel Stands

Sound control wherever you go.

Ensure the proper placement of your sound panels with our high-quality, adjustable stands. These stands, constructed from robust, powder-coated metal, provide stability and versatility for your acoustic needs. They allow for panel height adjustments from floor level up to 7 feet, accommodating various acoustic requirements. Durable and easy to use, our Sound Panel Stands give you the flexibility to position your panels in a way that best suits your space’s acoustic and design needs. Please note that the panel is not included with the stand.

Height Adjustability

These stands allow you to adjust the height of your panels from floor level up to 7 feet, offering great flexibility in accommodating your space's acoustic needs.


Made from robust, powder-coated metal, these stands are built to last and provide secure support for your panels.


These stands can be used with different types of sound panels, making them a versatile accessory for various acoustic solutions.

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Available Products

Universal Floor Stands


Make your panels free-standing with our Universal Floor Stands.  Works with our 2″ Acoustic Panels and 4″ Bass Traps. Panel not included.

Adjustable Metal Stand


Our adjustable stands are high quality powder coated metal stands. Adjust your panels from the floor and up to 7 ft tall. Panel not included.

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