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All fabrics, colors, and pricing are subject to inventory and availability.
DesignTex Gamut Chalk
Knoll Textiles Messa Alabaster
Maharam Textiles Messenger Dyed Snow
Knoll Textiles Versatility Chalk (Unbacked)
Luum Textiles Rationale Lucid
Maharam Textiles Prose Twinkle
Knoll Textiles Foundation Greige
Knoll Textiles Messa Fossil
Maharam Textiles Meld Bride
Dimmer Taupe Dyed Mr. Sandman
Knoll Textiles Versatility Marble (Unbacked)
Knoll Textiles Versatility Marble (Backed)
Knoll Textiles Messa Nickel
Guilford Of Maine Streetwise Newsstand
Maharam Textiles Mode Stroll
Knoll Textiles Element Silver
Knoll Textiles Messa Mica
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Bright Green
AIS New England Concord
Guilford Of Maine Metallation Pune
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Galaxy
Knoll Textiles Foundation Zephyr
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Verde
Celestial Grey Pearl
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Brittlebrush
Luum Textiles Brazil Manaus
Luum Textiles Heather Tech Oat Tech
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Bees Wax
Maharam Textiles Mode Intaglio
Luum Textiles Percept II Sublime
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Olive
Guilford Of Maine Streetwise Pigeon
Knoll Textiles Messa Zinc
Guilford Of Maine Metallation Pol Pewter
Knoll Textiles Foundation Pewter (Backed)
Maharam Textiles Mode Sycamore
DesignTex Gamut Asphalt
DesignTex Rocket Power Osprey
Knoll Textiles Foundation Storm
Guilford Of Maine Highbeams Ocean
Guilford Of Maine Metallation Orange
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Waterfall
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Aqua
Knoll Textiles Versatility Dove (Unbacked)
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Almond
Momentum Textiles Pact Harbour
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Iron
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Quarry Blue
Momentum Textiles Pact Sketch
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Bluebird
Hot Spot Charcoal
Alpha Carbon
Knoll Textiles Foundation Slate
Alpha Taupe
Guilford Of Maine Metallation Chennal
Knoll Textiles Versatility Graphite (Backed)
Knoll Textiles Versatility Graphite (Unbacked)
Maharam Textiles Prose Emperor
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Pumpkin
Luna Textiles Odeon Repose
Maharam Textiles Mode Machine
Hon Centurion Iron Ore
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Geranium
Luum Textiles Heather Tech Basalt Tech
Haworth Tellure Nickle
Luum Textiles Backdrop Opaque
Guilford Of Maine Highbeams Grape
Guilford Of Maine Anchorage Magenta
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Wire
Hon Inertia Onyx
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Tart
Knoll Textiles Versatility Sky (Backed)
Knoll Textiles Versatility Sky (Unbacked)
Guilford Of Maine Metallation Stove Pipe
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Alley
Luum Textiles Heather Tech Onyx Tech
Knoll Textiles Messa Coal
Maharam Textiles Mode Talus
DesignTex Rocket Power Dark Grey
Hot Spot Pumice
Maharam Textiles Messenger Dyed Onyx
DesignTex Rocket Power Ink
Knoll Textiles Hourglass Caviar
Hon Centurion Black
Haworth Tellure Black
New Brunswick Panther
Disperse Noir