Custom Prints

Adding A Personal Touch To A Practical Solution

Our custom print service offers the perfect blend of acoustics and aesthetics, enabling you to elevate your space’s sound quality without compromising its visual appeal. We offer acoustic panels with customizable prints, providing a unique opportunity to incorporate your personal style or branding into the acoustic design. From logos and patterns to high-resolution images, we can print your chosen design onto our top-quality acoustic panels. This creates a unique, visually appealing look that complements your space while significantly enhancing its acoustical properties.

Unique Aesthetic Appeal

With our custom prints, you can add a personal touch to your acoustic panels. Whether it's your company logo, a favorite pattern, or a high-resolution image, we can bring your vision to life while enhancing your space's acoustics.

Brand Reinforcement

For businesses, custom prints provide an opportunity to reinforce brand identity. They can seamlessly incorporate branding elements into the room's design, creating a space that is both acoustically and visually aligned with your brand.


Our custom prints offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to choose a design that fits your space perfectly. From minimalist patterns for a sleek office to vibrant images for a creative studio, the possibilities are endless.
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