Fabric Wall & Ceiling Track Systems

Edge-to-edge coverage of any surface.

Seamlessly integrate your acoustic solutions with the unique architectural elements of your space using our Fabric Wall & Ceiling Track Systems. These systems utilize a series of tracks that adapt to the contours and features of your room, providing exceptional versatility and broad design possibilities. The system works by positioning an acoustic backing panel within the defined area, then stretching and tucking fabric into the track to deliver a clean and elegant look. This results in a harmonious blend of function and style, enhancing the acoustics while maintaining your room’s aesthetic appeal.

Adaptable Design

These track systems offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to accommodate nearly any architectural feature and customize the shape and position of your panels.

Clean Look

The system's design ensures a clean and visually appealing look, with the fabric neatly tucked into the track.

Functional Aesthetics

While enhancing your room's acoustics, these systems also contribute to the room's visual appeal, making them a multifunctional addition to your space.

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