LA Sound Panels is excited about our new product, the Universal Floor Stand. The Universal Floor Stand is a wood base that makes your sound panels and bass traps portable! Both our Full-Tone Acoustic Panels and Lo-Tone Bass Traps fit into the Universal Floor Standand it will hold a panel up to 8? tall!

Who needs a Universal Floor Stand?

Do you have a corner in your room where a bass trap will not fit because of a door? Or a window in your room that is a first reflection but can’t mount a sound panel over the window? Do you want to avoid putting holes in your walls? With the Universal Floor Stand, you can place panels in corners and along walls without mounting onto the wall!

Are you working on a budget and can’t afford all the panels you need for your tracking and mixing? The Universal Floor Stand is not permanently attached to the panels. This allows you to have panels on your walls while mixing. But when you need to track vocals or acoustic guitar, take your sound panels off the wall, place them in a Universal Floor Stand, and create a small booth for tracking.

Buy the Universal Floor Stand today for $50!