Grey Area Studio Build

Grey Area Studio Build

LA Sound Panels was contacted by Producer Erik Ron (Panic! At The Disco, Good Charlotte, Neon Trees, My Chemical Romance, Get Scared, I The Mighty) to assist in finding and building the new location for his Grey Area Studios Complex. We located an empty warehouse in North Hollywood and helped negotiate the lease for the building. We contacted and interviewed several contractors and picked the one who was the best fit for the...

LA Sound Panels featured on Ronan’s Recording Show

LA Sound Panels featured on Ronan’s Recording Show

We are excited about a new video posted to the internet last week that features our Full-Tone Acoustic Panels and Universal Floor Stands. The video was posted by world renowned record producer/mixer/engineer Ronan Chris Murphy. The video highlights the versatility of using our panels with the Universal Floor Stand. Click the picture below to check out this great video!

In addition to making amazing records, Ronan is the founder of Recording Boot Camp, a comprehensive course...

The Sticky Lab in San Jose, CA

The Sticky Lab in San Jose, CA

LA Sound Panels was contacted by Jerry “Da Hermit” Dalalo to treat his studio, The Sticky Lab. He was doing construction in The Sticky Lab and needed sound panels to treat the studio. Da Hermit put Full-Tone acoustic panels and Lo-Tone bass traps in the studio in addition to custom size panels. Here is what he had to say about LA Sound Panels:

“LA Sound Panels has provided me with a superb product that is essential...

Universal Floor Stand


LA Sound Panels is excited about our new product, the Universal Floor Stand. The Universal Floor Stand is a wood base that makes your sound panels and bass traps portable! Both our Full-Tone Acoustic Panels and Lo-Tone Bass Traps fit into the Universal Floor Standand it will hold a panel up to 8? tall!

Who needs a Universal Floor Stand?

Do you have a corner in your room where a bass trap will not fit because of...

Dance Studio Acoustics


LA Sound Panels was contacted by a dance studio in Los Angeles to help solve acoustic issues.

Problem: The room was approximately 25? x 18? with 8? ceilings. The walls and ceiling were drywall and the floors were wood.

The owner described the echo in the room as “dizzying” when people spoke and music was played. Her dance students had a hard time understanding her instructions and she would raise her voice in an attempt to be...