LA Sound Panels™ Was…

Founded by local Los Angeles musician (, inventor (, and entrepreneur, Mike Lizarraga. He and some friends needed to treat his studio in North Hollywood, CA. Unable to find a local place to buy acoustic panels; they decided to build the panels themselves. Finding the right materials and building the panels proved to be a tougher task than expected. By the time the panels were up on the walls, several days had passed and the music project was behind schedule. Mike decided he wanted to create an easy, convenient, and affordable option for music professionals to treat their studios and LA Sound Panels™ was born. Before long, LA Sound Panels™ had acoustic panels and bass traps in studios and businesses throughout California, Arizona, Texas, and as far away as Taiwan. Today, LA Sound Panels™ offers several types of sound treatment and services to fulfill your needs.

Additional Services We Provide

Local Delivery and Nationwide ShippingLocal Delivery and Nationwide Shipping

We offer local delivery starting at $40. Not local to LA?  We now offer affordable nationwide shipping!


We will install your panels for you and have them on your walls today! Call for installation rates.


Not sure what kind of treatment your space needs?  E-mail us measurements and pictures of your room today for a FREE online consultation. We can also come to you and help you treat your room. Contact us today for a quote for your on site consultation.

Studio ConstructionStudio Construction

LA Sound Panels™ works with licensed contractors who can build your studio. We can install soundproof doors and recording studio windows, build a vocal booth, “float” a room, and anything else you need!

Multiple UsesMultiple Uses

While we specialize in treating recording studios, our panels work great for any room with acoustics issues.  Our sound panels and bass traps can be found in restaurants, corporate offices, churches, listening rooms, post production facilities, schools, and more!