LA Sound Panels

What Makes LA Sound Panels™ Different

LA Sound Panels™ mission is to be more than a sound panel company. We are a communications company. We help people design and change the sound in their environments for better communication. From small conference rooms to recording studios to large auditoriums, LA Sound Panels™ mission is put you back in charge of how you communicate with the world.

What others are saying

“LA Sound Panels did a great job for me. I was setting up a studio in my home. It was a room with knotty pine-type paneling. The acoustics were not good. Carolyn and Mike came in and tuned up the room real nice. They made and installed panels that were aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced. I was impressed by their use of high tech equipment as well as critical listening. My recordings sounded great after that! Thanks!”

Nick Hexum - 311