LA Sound Panels was contacted by Jerry “Da Hermit” Dalalo to treat his studio, The Sticky Lab. He was doing construction in The Sticky Lab and needed sound panels to treat the studio. Da Hermit put Full-Tone acoustic panels and Lo-Tone bass traps in the studio in addition to custom size panels. Here is what he had to say about LA Sound Panels:

LA Sound Panels has provided me with a superb product that is essential to any recording studio. Their panels helped to create a noticeable improvement in recording and mixing sessions. Aside from improving quality in my recording environment, the panels also helped to bring together a nice ambiance and visual appeal. LA Sound Panels uses Roxul mineral wool insulation which absorbs reflections really well. Not only did they provide a quality product but they also offered excellent pricing and great customer service.

Jerry “Da Hermit” Dalalo, Producer/Engineer (The Sticky Lab, Insolence, Motion Man, PumpkinHead)