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Acoustic Sound Panels for Schools

Sound treatment is incredibly important in schools – with so many kids in one place, things can get loud fast. Sound absorption solutions help create a better learning environment for the kids and a more comfortable work environment for teachers as well. Without acoustic panels, sounds bounce off of walls and ceilings and create an uncomfortable echo. This is a particularly big problem in big spaces, like gyms, lunchrooms, and music classrooms. Here’s why sound absorption is so important.

Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption

To begin, we have found that it is crucial to clarify a common misunderstanding many people have about soundproofing and sound absorption. Although these two concepts are often used interchangeably, they are actually two very different approaches. Soundproofing strategies are used to trap noise in a specific area (i.e. keep a noisy drummer’s banging within a room so as not to disturb neighbors) while sound absorption materials, on the other hand, actually absorb the sound in a designated area, lessening the echo and making it quieter within that room. It is extremely important to differentiate these two because it is much more difficult (and expensive) to soundproof a space especially after construction. On the other hand, sound absorption is much easier to accomplish and much more affordable.

Private Conversations Stay Private

There are many instances in school when teachers need to have one-on-one conversations, whether that be with students, with parents, or with other teachers. However, in an environment where sounds echo, this can be difficult to do. The general noise from the surrounding area can also make it difficult for you to hear what the other person is saying. With acoustic sound panels in place, the noise from each conversation stays in one place.

Kids and Teachers Stay Focused

A loud atmosphere can be incredibly overwhelming at school for both students and teachers. It’s difficult for kids to stay focused on a lesson if they can barely hear the teacher, or if background noise is preventing them from getting a test done. Teachers also need some peace and quiet at points throughout the day in order to get their lesson plans and grading done. When schools have sound absorption in place, everyone is more productive and the general environment is much more pleasant.

Acoustic Sound Panels

One of the best solutions for sound management is acoustic sound panels. These sound absorption panels are made from materials like foam and fabric that prevent noises from echoing in the space. They can be placed on walls, ceilings, or anywhere else you need sound absorption. They can also be made in many different shapes and colors to blend in with the existing space.

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