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Acoustic Treatment for Music Studios

As a musician, you know just how important it is to have impeccable sound quality in the place that you work. Sound absorption technology prevents distracting reverberation and creates a great listening and recording environment. Whether you’re building a home studio, run a local radio station, or are starting a music production company, you shouldn’t skimp on sound control for your space. Here’s how acoustic sound panels can help your music studio be more productive.

Acoustic and Soundproofing Solutions

Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption

To begin, we have found that it is crucial to clarify a common misunderstanding many people have about soundproofing and sound absorption. Although these two concepts are often used interchangeably, they are actually two very different approaches. Soundproofing strategies are used to trap noise in a specific area (i.e. keep a noisy drummer’s banging within a room so as not to disturb neighbors) while sound absorption materials, on the other hand, actually absorb the sound in a designated area, lessening the echo and making it quieter within that room. It is extremely important to differentiate these two because it is much more difficult (and expensive) to soundproof a space especially after construction. On the other hand, sound absorption is much easier to accomplish and much more affordable.

Mixing and Mastering

If you mix and/or master music, acoustically treating your room is not optional, it is a requirement.  Without cleaning up a room’s reflection points, sound waves will collide, cancelling each other out and doubling each other up.  This makes it absolutely impossible to make intelligent mixing/mastering decisions.  If you’d like to improve your mixing and mastering results, call us today for a consultation.

Improves the Quality of Recorded Music

When there is no sound absorption technology in your space, the music will echo throughout the room, creating noticeable background noise. This can negatively affect the quality of your recorded music. If you want your music to sound as pure and professional as possible, it is an absolute necessity to install sound absorption panels which will prevent  echo and create a very clean version of the final recorded product.

Better Atmosphere for Musicians

When you’re creating music, you don’t want to be distracted by echoes and other noises that can build up in a large space. They can affect your ability to assess the true quality of the sound, whether you’re singing or playing an instrument. A loud, echo-y atmosphere can also make it difficult for production staff to have the conversations they need without interfering with the musician. Sound absorption essentially helps keep sound local, so it doesn’t travel throughout the space. This makes the atmosphere better and more productive for everyone.

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At LA Sound Panels, we offer custom sound absorption solutions. We will work with you to find the best option for your music studio, so that you can create and record to the best of your ability. LA Sound Panels offers the highest quality sound absorption panels, and we also provide custom design and installation solutions for our clients. If you are planning on building a home or commercial music studio, radio recording studio, or film recording studio, contact us today to learn more about our recording solutions.

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