Acoustic Sound Panels for Churches

A calm and quiet atmosphere is critically important for churches and other places of worship to ensure the experience is special for the attendees. However, large spaces have a tendency to echo, which can disturb the spiritual, reverent atmosphere of a worship space. Acoustic sound panels are an effective sound absorption solution for churches. Here’s how your church can combat noise issues with acoustic sound panels.

Soundproofing vs. Sound Absorption

To begin, we have found that it is crucial to clarify a common misunderstanding many people have about soundproofing and sound absorption. Although these two concepts are often used interchangeably, they are actually two very different approaches. Soundproofing strategies are used to trap noise in a specific area (i.e. keep a noisy drummer’s banging within a room so as not to disturb neighbors) while sound absorption materials, on the other hand, actually absorb the sound in a designated area, lessening the echo and making it quieter within that room. It is extremely important to differentiate these two because it is much more difficult (and expensive) to soundproof a space especially after construction. On the other hand, sound absorption is much easier to accomplish and much more affordable.

Prevent Echoes

Many churches, particularly old ones, are very large and are made out of materials that naturally cause an echo. This means that even a relatively small noise can result in a loud echo that reverberates your entire space, disturbing people who come to worship. This can also make it difficult for people to have conversations in the space when a sermon isn’t taking place. A loud, echo-y space can be very uncomfortable and even overwhelming as it detracts from the overall experience of going to church. Sound absorption will keep your congregation happy.

Help the Congregation Hear the Spoken Word

Another reason sound absorption panels are so helpful is because they can direct the way the sound flows in your space, making it easier for your congregation to hear sermons. Since speaking to groups is such an important part of church, it’s important that your congregation can clearly hear what’s going on, without distraction from background noises. Sound absorption panels will minimize background noise, so the speaker’s voice will be clearly audible.

Enjoy Clear, Beautiful Music

Music is a very important part of worship for many religions. However, if you don’t have a proper sound absorbing solution in place, it can interfere with the way the music sounds. A good sound absorption setup will prevent annoying background noises from interrupting your beautiful harmonies. Minimizing background noise also makes it much easier for your musicians to play or sing to the best of their ability.

Versatile and Aesthetically Pleasing

Another benefit of acoustic sound panels is that there are tons of options when it comes to color, material, shape, and where they are hung; they can even be printed on with your church name or art! Many customers come to us fearing that our panels will detract from their space, but they soon find out that they can be a beautiful addition to their place of worship.

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